K03 Hybrid Advice

There are a number of different hybrids available on the market today. Some are good and live up to the expectations of a hybrid in terms of power delivery and reliability, but there are some out there that still haven’t found the ‘sweet-spot’ for getting their versions singing and dancing. Some hybrid manufacturers will work closely with tuners in order to develop their products, listening to tuner feedback where the setup is struggling and work on improvements.

There are a few companies that have invested the time and development into their products, and if you follow the 1.8T tuning scene closely, you will probably see a few name brands out there that are dominating the K03 hybrid market. Our two chosen ones are the Beach Buggy Turbos (BBT) and The Turbo Engineers (TTE).   Both have invested time and money into making sure their products are 100% right before marketing.

BBT K300 turbo

Depending on your budget and how you want the car to perform, then the hybrid option is a very good route to take if you haven’t got a large wedge of cash to throw at bigger turbos or fit upgraded forged rods to handle the additional torque.

Once you start looking to push over 300lbft torque (general rule) then its advised to upgrade the rods in the engine to cope with the additional higher cylinder pressures from running more boost and airflow across the engine.  More detail can be found on engine limits in our Engine Limits Section.

After you have chosen your hybrid, you will need to follow our Stage 1 and Stage 2 K03s Guides in order to get a good solid setup in terms of fuelling, charge air cooling,  Intake recommendations etc.


Exhaust manifold and Intake

The key factor you will need with the K03 hybrids is ensuring the exhaust manifold is sufficiently ported and you have a 3″ decat downpipe with free flowing exhaust.  Combined with a supersize silicone TIP in order to get the best flow of air into the compressors.   Depending which hybrid you opt for, you might need a hybrid specific Turbo Intake Pipe.  For example the  BBT K300 Hybrid uses a K04 housing so a standard supersize K03 TIP isnt going to fit unfortunately.  We suggest you discuss these options with your hybrid turbo supplier and see what they recommend in terms of fitment.  Just remember it needs to be supersize.



Some hybrids will have sufficient airflow to make a great amount of power,  so more airflow needs more fuel to keep up.  Chances are, the standard 1.8T injectors and MAF arent going to be up to the job, so we will recommend upgrading the Injectors and MAF to ensure there is sufficient fuel there for the setup.  Bosch 550’s are a great choice in terms of injectors, and really easily for your tuner to setup and calibrate due to their linear scaling.   A S3/LCR 3″ MAF sensor is also recommended.  This ensure that the ECU will see all of the airflow crossing over it and allow its calculations to be done properly inside the map software.

The MAF sensor housing can be fitted prior to remapping, but leave it unplugged otherwise the scaling inside the ECU will be wrong.  For the injectors, we strongly recommend putting these in just before mapping and not prior and driving around as you will overfuel massively causing bore wash and fuel to seep past the rings into the sump, weakening the oil and potentially causing damage to the engine.


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