Tuning Basics

Do it right do it once!

The remapping and software are not the limiting factors, if your cars hardware is good for 1000hp then the tuner can compliment your hardware with quality refined calibrations to get the numbers your setup is good for.

The limiting factor with custom mapping the 1.8T engine/ecu is the quality of the hardware and how the hardware is applied to the car and how well the air flows from the turbo and across the cylinder head and out the exhaust tail pipe. The better you get your engine flowing air, the more effective the car will be and the greater the area under your power curves. A remap cannot work magic so it cannot over come hardware / flow restrictions.

When modifying/tuning you need to have a power goal in mind and also a budget. Hopefully with this information to hand and the use of this site we can help you make a decision on your route to go!

Of course the essentials before any modifying takes place is to ensure your car is fit and healthy! Make sure the car is recently serviced checking that the cambelt and water pump is not overdue, include new appropriate spark plugs, new fuel filter etc. Check out the common problems area of the site for more things to check/lookout for/replace!

Once the car is fit, healthy and running well then we can move onto the next step and decide which path is best for you!

If you need help with deciding which path to take head over to our Dyno Graphs section and take a look at what sort of power people are making from different setups and how that power is spread across the rpm range!

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