This is the start of 1.8T Tuning…  We created this site in late May 2017/ June 2017 and started to get page structure together for the content we want to achieve.

One of the most popular turbo conversions at the moment is the k04-064 conversion off the TFSI MK5 engine. We created a guide which outlines all aspects of fitting, modifications and part numbers required for the install. You can view the guide by clicking the link below.

K04-064 1.8T Fitting Guide

Our plans for June 2017 is to begin to extend content to cover the K03 and K04 framed turbos.  This will probably begin with the K300 which is one of the most popular conversions.  We will outline cost, modifications needed and the best recommended mods to do to achieve the best possible outcome when you take the car for mapping.

In the mean time, please feel free to visit out Facebook Group to ask any questions or seek advice, or simply help others out.

Facebook: 1.8T Tuning 



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