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Based in Dachau, Germany,  The Turbo Engineers, or TTE for short, is a dynamic and highly innovative turbocharger engineering company, specialized in production of motorsport turbochargers to the highest quality and greatest efficiency with attention to detail.  They offer replacement genuine turbos and hybrid turbos such as the TTE420 or TTE480 which are commonly found on the TFSI engines, however with their custom exhaust manifold modifications, they can be bolted to a 1.8T.  They do a range of hybrid turbos for the 1.8T in terms of the K03 and K04 framed turbos.

Some of the services they can offer are:

  • Turbo rebuilds and balancing
  • New turbo units
  • Hybrid turbos such as the TTE420, TTE480

Hugely popular and well recommended company from many people across the UK and Europe, TTE are able to advise and supply turbos to your exact needs.

If you require getting in touch with The Turbo Engineers, you can go to their website by clicking their logo above or through the link listed below with other contact details

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