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Beach Buggy Turbos, or BBT for short, are a small hybrid turbo company which offer a wide range of hybrid units that are hugely popular on the 1.8T and TFSI engines.  I’m sure most of us will be familiar with the term K300 turbo.  These are the guys who make these.  Offering some of the best hybrid turbos for our engines, these guys are certainly worth a call if you are looking for that bit extra power with a hybrid turbo.

Some of the services they can offer are:

  • Turbo rebuild and balancing
  • New turbo units
  • Hybrid turbos such as the K300
  • Fuelling upgrades
  • Custom adaptor plates for fitting a K04-064 Turbo

BBT are a small friendly outfit and can offer you perfect advice if your unsure which direction you want to take with fitting a hybrid turbo and can discuss the many different options with you.

If you require getting in touch with Beach Buggy Turbos, you can go to their website by clicking their logo above or through the link listed below with other contact details

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