Fuel Pumps

As we know an important thing to think about while modifying ours cars is that to create more power we need to be able to inject more fuel! and to be able to inject more fuel we need to be able to supply more fuel to the injectors. This is where we need to think about upgrading the fuel pump!

The standard fuel pumps vary on some of the 1.8t models. On the k03/k03s cars the fuel pumps are able to supply enough fuel for around 240-250bhp. On the k04 cars the fuel pumps are able to supply enough fuel for around 300-320bhp. The pumps also vary and are not interchangeable between the FWD and AWD variants. This is due to the AWD pumps having a dual pick up as the fuel tank is shaped to allow the propshaft to pass through its center.

It used to be common practice to fit the k04 equipped cars fuel pumps to the k03/k03s equipped cars when aiming for more power. But with the 1.8T cars ever ageing so are the standard fuel pumps fitted to those cars so in the present day fitting a used k04 fuel pump can be false economy as the pump itself will likely be old and worn. Buying a new OEM pump can be very expensive so the best practice is to replace the pump for a upgraded aftermarket “drop in” unit which actually fit into the stanard OEM pump basket.

It is also good practice to replace the fuel pump on the k03/k03s cars when just going for “stage 2” due to the pumps aging and failing to supply the same amount of fuel as they used to. It has been known for cars being remapped with standard fuel pumps to run out of fuel at as low as 215bhp due to the pump being old and worn.

There are a few different aftermarket options available when it comes to upgrading the fuel pump and there are also different types of pump.

Intank pumps

These pumps completely replace the OEM pump within the OEM pump basket. It’s an easy job and can be completed in as little as 30mins by someone who knows what they are doing. Take a look at our “Fuel pump fitting guide” for a step by step  on changing the fuel pump yourself at home!

The pumps that we recommend are the DW65 if you’re aiming for upto 400bhp and the aps fuel pump if you are looking for upto 300bhp.

The DW65 is a very well proven pump and is supplied by one of the biggest brand names in the fueling industry whereas the aps pump is a DW65 copy.

Of course the difference with the big name tag of the DW65 pump comes a bigger price tag BUT you are also paying for the known reliability of that brand and future support. The fuel performance pump is alot cheaper and does perform very well at the minute but as we have seen in the past years with another pump by a company by called sytec the cheaper pumps can sometimes hit issues if the company changes suppliers etc. If there are any cases of failure of these pumps will will update the site ASAP but at the minute they are a very good cheaper alternative.

Inline pumps

A upgraded inline pump is a pump which is fitted as a secondary pump between the standard OEM pump and the fuel rail. They are often fitted in place of the fuel filter and then the filter is relocated into the engine bay.

There are many many different options when it comes to inline pumps and it all depends on the use of the car and power goal etc. For a normal road car a pump such as the Bosch 044 or the DA31 may be fitted in place of the standard filter but  a serious race car may have a complete custom fuel setup utilising a swirl pot and 1 or more inline pumps.


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